Shape 100 - 100

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Shape 100 - 100

Every step to a perfect enhancement is critical and the use of the correct abrasives is not a luxury but a necessity.

iBi’s range of abrasives was designed with one curved edge that works well around the cuticle areas and a straight edge for perfect sidewalls and free edge shaping. With a wide rang of grits, you can preform every step of a manicure be it on the natural nail or enhancement with ease while ensuring scratch free finishes and perfectly shaped nails every time.

iBi’s SHAPE and LEVEL Abrasives are washable, sanitizable and supplied with a reinforced center to provide more control and prevent breakage during use. A 100/100 Grit File, with a very coarse texture that is ideal for major shaping work, sidewall filing and taking down length on enhancements.

Note: should not be used on natural nail, Only on enhancements.